New Year’s Eve

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Tomorrow is New Year’s Day. As we enter the new year, we can see that it is very different from years past. Our gatherings will be smaller, and we are physically distant from one another; we might not even leave our homes. Yes, we are making sacrifices. However, our resident’s and their loved one’s sacrifice is much greater. Due to the pandemic, nursing home residents have gone without the warm, caring touch of their loved ones. Some may not have seen each other face-to-face in almost a year. Arbors at Stow understands how painful the past year has been for our residents and their families. Our hearts and our thoughts have been with you every day. You can rest assured that our residents are safe and healthy.

We know brighter days are on the horizon. There are new scientific discoveries, new treatments, and, finally, a vaccine! But first, we must weather this storm. Make sacrifices. Be mindful of our fellow human beings. We are all in this together!

Arbors at Stow wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Stay safe, and stay healthy!

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